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Solve your hiring needs while building a talent pipeline

Data analytics to understand your company's hiring needs
Receive only relevant, qualified and screened profiles
Transparency to job seeker
Job posting price point

Hiring using job portals?

An average job posting attracts more than 100 applicants, of which only 2% are relevant. Are you spending too much time on screening and calling the candidates

Hiring using staffing agencies?

Staffing agencies tend to charged between 80% of monthly salary to 20% of annual salary upon successful hire.

Allow IntroPls to perform a dipstick test to bring you relevant and active profiles across multiple databases. We could potentially save you more than 90% of placement fees.

Why IntroPls?

Sourcing for candidates is mundane, labor intensive and time consuming.

Your job as a HR should be strategic planning.

You know the culture of your company best. Spend the precious time by sharing the culture of your company with your would-be employee instead of sourcing.

IntroPls: The job portal that gives you only the relevant results

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  • Post your jobs with Intropls

    Posts last validity of 1 month

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  • Profiles get sourced via Multiple channels

    Profiles get shortlisted according to requirements

    Candidates are screened

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  • Shortlisted profiles gets delivered to HR

    Data science and machine learning applied to understand HR hiring needs

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